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Network for Animals (NFA) could not exist without supporters like you. Your donations enable us to help countless animals around the world. Again, our teams have had a busy month tending to the needs of sick, hungry, and abused animals. Here’s how you helped:


An extensive undercover investigation by NFA has discovered extreme and shocking cruelty at a Tanzanian donkey slaughterhouse. Every month, tens of thousands of donkeys are illegally bludgeoned to death for the Chinese donkey skin trade at this place of horror. After receiving reports of cruelty on a massive scale, we joined forces with the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) to investigate and found a scene of cruelty unlike any we have ever witnessed. We are determined to put a stop to this genocide of donkeys. Thanks to your support, we managed to raise enough funds to send our donkey skin trade expert to Dodoma to present overwhelming evidence to the local authorities and the Tanzanian government. We are confident that from our efforts, and thanks to your support, we will permanently ban donkey slaughterhouses in this region. Please stay tuned for important updates on this issue.



In the tourist city of San José del Cabo, we were shocked to find that behind the glossy veneer, street dogs are living horrific lives of hunger, abuse, and illness. We also discovered that, often, once-beloved pet dogs are abandoned and left to starve to death, simply because their owners find them a nuisance when they grow out of cute puppyhood. Thankfully, the BAJA S.A.F.E. Humane Society team exists to help these suffering animals by rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming as many of them as possible. But the facility is under constant threat of being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of animals in need. When we visited, the team was caring for 37 dogs and in desperate need of more food and medication. We called on our supporters’ help, and thanks to you, we have managed to raise enough funds to not only donate to the daily needs of the animals but also to support an ongoing spay and neuter program.



In the impoverished state of Hidalgo, Mexico, more than 3,000 homeless dogs roam the chaotic streets. Tragically, many of these poor dogs end up as hit-and-run victims. Carmella was one such victim - hit by a car and left for dead. But brave Carmella managed to drag herself to a nearby house, clearly desperate to be rescued. Thankfully, she was taken to the Fiona Animal Refuge in Hidalgo, where she immediately received the medical attention she needed. Sadly, however, it was discovered that Carmella’s back legs were paralyzed and that she would never be able to walk again. There’s very little chance that Carmella will ever be adopted, and she’ll live at the shelter for the rest of her life. We asked our supporters to help us raise money for a wheelchair for Carmella so that she can be mobile and live out her life at the shelter with the dignity she deserves. Thanks to your generosity, we managed to provide Carmella and another paralyzed dog with doggy wheelchairs, and we have committed to providing the shelter with a monthly grant for extended care for all the animals that live there.


South Africa

In the impoverished area of Atlantis, near Cape Town in South Africa, dogs suffer terribly from neglect and abuse as they bear the brunt of a broken society. Many are chained up and kept hungry so that they can be used as aggressive guard dogs. We received a distressing call from our partner, Fallen Angels, alerting us to a particularly shocking case. In a hovel at the back of an abandoned warehouse, we found Toni, chained, starving and on death’s door. She was so weak that she could barely lift her head. We immediately rushed her to a vet who at first glance said she couldn’t make us any promises. But as always, our supporters came to the rescue, and we managed to raise enough funds to get Toni the critical care she needed. Thanks to your help, and Toni’s determination to live, she is on the road to recovery and nearly ready to start looking for her forever home.


South Africa

Massive civil unrest in South Africa has caused complete chaos in areas around Johannesburg, and Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province. Of course, hundreds of animals have been affected. Because businesses have either been looted or completely burned to the ground, animal food supply chains have been completely disrupted. Every Sunday, the KZN Valley Dogs team has provided food and medical care for thousands of dogs and cats in rural and impoverished communities. But with the violence and lack of supplies, for the first time in six years, they were unable to do so. We asked our supporters to help us get essential food and medication to these suffering dogs, cats and other animals. Thanks to your help, we were able to deliver lifegiving food to thousands of hungry dogs in a remote and rural area, the Valley of a Thousand Hills.


South Africa

Our Cape Town team received a call from our partner, Fallen Angels, to say that they had received a cat in desperate need of help. Meet Himalaya, the gentle kitty who was so shamefully treated by her family. Himalaya was suffering from an agonizing open wound on her chest, which her family had ignored. Only when the wound started to smell did they contact Fallen Angels, saying they had a cat they did not want anymore. By the time a vet analyzed the wound, it was clear that the sweet cat was in a critical situation. Thanks to our supporters, she received the expensive treatment she needed. Sadly, however, tests have revealed that Himalaya is suffering from fibrosarcoma and little more can be done. But we can keep her pain-free, comfortable and loved for the remainder of her days, which thanks to your help, we intend to do.


Thanks to your continued support, Network for Animals is able to fight for every single animal life. Once again, thank you for your generous donations which have made these life-saving campaigns possible.

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