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During March, here is how your support helped us reach countless dogs, cats, horses and ponies in desperate need around the world.


In Jordan, an anti-dog media frenzy has fueled stomach-churning evil - countless dogs are being beaten, burned, stabbed and even buried alive. It all started when a video was posted of a dog attacking a child. The video is not even from Jordan, but local media outlets began spreading it to incite fear and hatred towards dogs.

Together with our partners on-the-ground, we're taking crucial action to alleviate cruelty by implementing spay and neuter programs and providing care to rescued animals in our shelter havens. Additionally, we run feeding programs that deliver food to hungry dogs in remote areas, because there simply isn't enough space for all of them in shelters. Thanks to your generosity, we are fighting to bring cold-blooded killers to justice and showing innocent animal victims that they are loved.

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Lusaka, Zambia 

Helpless dogs and puppies in Zambia are being subjected to unspeakable abuse. Snatched from the streets to be sold at dog meat markets in countries across Africa, their fate is to be skinned alive, have their throats slit and then be cooked and served for dinner to humans. Our partner, the Cactus Foundation, is one of the few Zambian organizations working to protect animals. They have 232 dogs, rescued from neglect and the horrific dog meat trade.

Working closely with local authorities, the Cactus Foundation confiscates dogs from traders and takes them to safety at their shelter in Lusaka. But with the number of rescued dogs constantly increasing and devastating fires breaking out in and around the area due to Zambia’s sweltering summer heat, the animals remain at constant risk. We reached out to you with a desperate plea to help us move the dogs to a more suitable location and your response has been overwhelming. Your donations have allowed us to rush desperately needed funds to our partner. Soon, they will begin relocating the dogs to a site with improved housing, running water, a medical center and open spaces for them to roam and socialize.

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 

Recently, we were alerted to the plight of Princess, a tiny, starving kitten in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, who was caught in an illegal snare. It is suspected that this starving, seven-week-old baby was searching for scraps when tragedy struck. Fortunately, a kind-hearted passerby found Princess and rushed her to our partner, MARES (Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary), for life-saving medical treatment. Besides her gaping neck wound, vets found that Princess was suffering from a broken tail and was riddled with fleas.

MARES acted fast, treating this little fighter’s wounds with meticulous care. Now she faces a long, painful road to recovery. With your support, we are helping to provide Princess and 23 other unwanted cats and kittens in our partner’s care with long-term and much-needed treatment, food and shelter.

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Latest updates

Our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness program - made possible entirely by your generosity - helped to feed the 230 dogs at DIOZ in Poland for a month and provide vital equipment to the abused and neglected horses and ponies of Tom Ro Haven in South Africa.

Credit: DIOZ & Tom Ro

Gloria goes to Germany! Rescued from the dangerous city of Bakhmut in Ukraine by our partner, Vetmarket Pluriton, Gloria, a sweet dog has been lucky enough to find her fur-ever home in Luxembourg.


Our thoughts are with Fallen Angels co-founder, Shireen, after a terrifying car accident in late March. Shireen was transporting three of the shelter's dogs to the vet in a vehicle we bought for her when the accident occurred. Fortunately, all emerged from the wreck with only minor injuries. The truck is a write-off.


International Day Against Canadian Seal Slaughter: 15 March acknowledged the sad fact that Canada persists in slaughtering seals. Watch the video…


Help us support our partner, Vetmarket Pluriton, on their remarkable shelter project in Ukraine! The site will be a lifeline for countless four-legged victims of war, especially those in high-conflict areas such as Lyman, Bakhmut and Kupiansk.


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A Dog, Three Newborn Pups, Rescued from Rubble in Turkey. Read more.


Thank you for being a friend to the animals of the world in March. They are eternally grateful for your kindness, and so are we.

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