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All of Saliee’s littermates were dead.

Of the seven pups born in a street dog DEATH ZONE near the Sangkhlaburi food market in a remote region in Thailand, ONLY Saliee survived.

Even her poor mother was killed, maimed by a car while on a desperate search for food for herself and her lone, surviving puppy. No dog EVER deserves to suffer such a cruel fate!

That’s why we URGENTLY need your help today...

... to rush the critical funds that will allow our partners at Thailand’s remote Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary SAVE stray dogs trapped in the DEATH ZONE near the local marketplace.

Please, donate whatever you can TODAY.

The street pups of Sangkhlaburi food market are “surviving” on trash.
Living in fear. Dying. They need you now!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Without your help, there will be NO WAY to keep street pups like Saliee from dying. Every second counts!

One look at the conditions these animals survive in, and your heart would break.

Starving, frightened dogs often cower as they approach food stalls, unsure of what will happen next. But without a morsel or a scrap to eat, many will die. It’s a risk they must take.

Little Saliee’s belly was already swollen with worms when a kindhearted woman at the market scooped the hungry, lonely orphan pup to safety!

At last, Saliee was healing at the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary. At last, she was safe.

The sick little pup barely weighed more than a bag of potatoes. But she was a bubbly bundle of joy who soaked up every moment of love.


Then suddenly, tragically, the seizures started - and Saliee lost consciousness. As the vet delivered the tough news that it was better to let Saliee go, tears streamed down on our faces.

We NEVER want another pup to suffer in the DEATH ZONE like Saliee did! But her friends on the streets are still in grave, grave danger there.

The dogs and pups left in the DEATH ZONE - they’ve got no one.
They need your caring heart and your compassionate support if they are to survive.

Please, whatever you can donate now - large or small - will help our partners at the sanctuary transform the street dog DEATH ZONE into a place where
nutritious food, clean water, and even urgent veterinary care become reality.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We know the world is so heartbreaking these days, and Saliee’s loss leaves us reeling.

But you’re their only hope ... OUR only hope. Please donate now – in memory of sweet Saliee if you possibly can - as generously as you can. The sanctuary faces a mammoth task as it rescues more and more animals off the harsh streets of Sangkhlaburi. From the first moment these animals open their eyes as babies, all they know is the ache of starvation and the cruelty of humans. But for a few lucky ones, there is hope: the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary.

The shelter needs our help to provide critical supplies like food, medication and funds for sterilizing and treating these poor animals. This means that when you donate right now, your love WILL save precious lives!

Thank you so, so much for being the animal lover you are, and thank you for giving the dogs and pups of Sangkhlaburi market a chance.

Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge, Saliee thanks you too.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

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