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“Every dog walked, cleaned, fed, and loved...”

The moment I received the update, I knew I had to tell our supporters.

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful sanctuary on the Burmese border of Thailand that exists to give street animals a life worth living.

They are doing a hero’s job on a bootstrap budget. And Network for Animals is helping to fund them, thanks to your donations.

Right now, this summer during the intense Thai heat and humidity - and as annual monsoons approach, they need our support so they can purchase veterinary supplies and keep the sanctuary going.

Please will you join me and give now to help them?

Every update only strengthens my conviction that through NFA, you and I are doing exactly the right thing for these poor dogs. I think you’ll agree:


“We never found who threw the chemicals into his eyes, a horrific act that left Snookie blind and in agony. We had to remove his eyes but he is doing much better now.”

It is a cruel, hardscrabble life for these dogs and cats but the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary is doing so much to help them.

Please send help for our friends at the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary. Give Thailand’s street animals a life worth living. Donate now.

If not for us these animals are left to their own defenses in a remote region where they are routinely stolen and smuggled over the border for the dog and cat meat trade.

Including the sick, the old and the injured.

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary is in constant need of veterinary supplies and helps every animal however they can, no matter how desperate it seems. Please, give generously.

Thank you for bringing urgent resources to this incredible sanctuary, through Network for Animals.


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