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Countless donkeys are being mowed down on Zimbabwe’s roads. More than 1,000 donkeys have been killed on the roads in just one year. The “lucky” ones escape with horrific injuries, lacerations and shattered bones.

With the collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy and COVID, people have become so poor that they steal and sell the wooden roadside fences that prevent donkeys from wandering into traffic. Donkeys' eyes don’t reflect a vehicle's headlights and coupled with their coloring they are not easy for motorists to see, resulting in catastrophe.

That’s what happened to May - she was hit by a vehicle and left for dead.

May had a broken leg, broken pelvis and a massive hernia where the vehicle's impact split her muscles. Heavily pregnant, she was found trying to drag herself to safety using only her front legs. She was a week away from giving birth.

May was in unimaginable pain and our vets were doubtful she would live. But we managed to save her and help her regain the use of her back legs. And she gave birth to a healthy baby!

But, donkeys are being hit by cars every day in Zimbabwe, and most are not as lucky.


A donkey with a leg injury

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

The good news is we have a simple and effective solution! But we need your help.

They are called neck reflectors and are made from a reflective material that joggers or runners often use. The reflectors are tied around the donkey's neck and shimmer and shine, warning drivers of their presence. They work extremely well, visible in both daylight and in darkness.

The neck reflectors are not expensive - they cost just one dollar (72 pence) each. For a dollar a donkey, if we can raise $5,000.00 (£4,000), we can help protect 5,000 donkeys from becoming roadkill.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Hope was also a victim of a hit and run.

Hope’s pelvis was broken, and she will never walk properly again. We are doing all we can to save her, and you can be sure she is getting the best of care.


Donkeys wearing neck reflectors, but more are needed

We can end tragic stories of pain and suffering like this for just a dollar a donkey. Your donation will immediately save lives. Our teams are standing by to get the materials required to make hundreds of reflective neck-straps. All we need to start this life-saving crusade is your help. Please donate today if you possibly can.

Our partners, the MARES Donkey Sanctuary and Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ), will first target donkeys that live close to major roads as that is where the most danger lies. Speeding cars smashing into an innocent donkey causes terrible injuries. Our teams are ready to help prevent this today, if we can raise the funds.


A donkey with a head wound and another donkey with a fractured jaw

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We desperately need your support today. Again - it only costs $1 (72 pence) to make one neck reflectors Imagine how many donkeys your donation could save!

Please donate as generously as possible today and help us stop the dreadful slaughter of innocent animals on Zimbabwe’s roads. Without your kindness and generosity, donkeys will continue to die in horrible pain. Please donate generously today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. There is another bonus for helping the donkeys. The shiny neck reflectors also help deter predators like jackals and hyenas from attacking donkeys! Now that’s a bonus worth a dollar!

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