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On 13th June 2014 Network For Animals raided the home of a backstreet Filipino dog meat trader, saving the lives of 15 dogs.

After weeks of detective work and a number of false starts, our anti dog meat trade team identified the suspected home in San Carlos City, and began surveilance. As soon as it was clear that dogs were being brought to the venue for slaughter, our team enlisted the support of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

A joint team of Network For Animals members and police officers raided the home at 11am. As the team entered, 15 dogs were immediately released by the owner of the property. Both teams attempted to capture the dogs, but frightened out of their mind, all made the break for freedom. Inside the venue, we sadly found the corpses of three dogs who weren't so lucky.

The owner of the property is now being charged for violating R.A. 9482/Anti Rabies which prohibits the trade in dogs for meat and R.A. 8485/cruelty to Animals. We will take this individual through the Filipino court system, and if convicted, he will face a minimum sentence of 1 year in prison.

The image included in this page is of a boiling pot, used at the premisis to remove dog fur. This image is one of the few that we are able to show from the raid as most are even more disturbing.


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