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In May, Network for Animals rushed emergency aid to war-torn animals in the Middle East, saved hundreds of dogs and cats in Zambia as their shelter faced imminent closure, and provided food and urgent veterinary care for 200 starving, neglected dogs in South Africa. 

None of our life-saving work for animals worldwide would be possible without the generosity of our compassionate supporters. Here are the animals YOU helped last month.

Lusaka, Zambia

Building a safe, comfortable shelter for 500 rescued animals

Our partner, the Global Empathy Project (previously known as the Cactus Foundation), runs the largest animal shelter in Zambia, providing a home to 400 dogs and 100 cats rescued from lives of misery on the streets. They work tirelessly to rescue as many animals as possible, including those saved from the country’s brutal dog meat trade. As a result, the shelter is overwhelmed with rescued animals, creating an urgent need for more space and better facilities. 

We reached out to you with a desperate plea for help to rebuild the shelter and prevent its imminent closure. Thanks to your generous support, we have begun repairing and upgrading the shelter and remain committed to continuing to support this life-saving project. Your donations have helped us take the first steps towards saving the animals’ home and providing them with a safe, comfortable space to live after being rescued from terrible conditions. Thank you!

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Credit: NFA/Jelena Barritt

Middle East

Rushing life-saving food and veterinary care to animals affected by the Israel-Hamas war

The Israel-Hamas war is a devastating crisis for animals. Reports from the frontline reveal a desperate situation, with dogs so hungry that they are resorting to eating dead bodies. 

Together with our partners in Israel and Palestine, we work around the clock to distribute food, evacuate animals from conflict hotspots, provide medical care to injured animals, and secure vital supply lines in dangerous territories. However, our teams desperately need support to continue delivering critically-needed food and evacuating animals from the warzone for crucial veterinary care.

Through your support, we have already rushed emergency funds to our teams, allowing them to continue their crucial feeding and evacuation efforts. Thank you for being a lifeline for these defenseless animal victims of war. 

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Calvinia, South Africa

Providing food and urgent veterinary care for 200 starving and abused dogs

In Calvinia, a poverty-stricken town in South Africa, hundreds of neglected dogs face starvation, disease and barbaric cruelty every day. On top of constant hunger, these dogs are deliberately run over by speeding cars, stabbed by thugs, and chained to poles so tightly that the metal shackles rip through their flesh. For example, Boelie and Tiger were each stabbed 10 times in a gruesome attack. Tragically, Tiger succumbed to his injuries within minutes – but with our help, Boelie was rushed for life-saving veterinary care and miraculously survived.

Every week, our partner ventures into impoverished townships in Calvinia to feed over 200 dogs and rush those in the worst condition for life-saving emergency treatment. But the need is growing. Facing climbing food bills and an increasing number of emergency cases demanding immediate vet care, our team is struggling to cope. 

Thanks to your donations, we raised enough funds to continue delivering food for hundreds of hungry dogs and cover the cost of emergency veterinary care for victims of severe animal cruelty. For the next Calvinian dog we find facing life-threatening injuries, your generosity could mean the difference between life and death!

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Credit: NFA/Byron Seale

Latest Updates

Nairobi, Kenya – Rushing emergency aid to animals amid devastating floods. As heavy rain and deadly flash floods ravaged Nairobi, Kenya, countless dogs and cats were left in a desperate fight for survival. Together with our partners, the KSPCA and the Kibera Youth for Stray Animals (KYSA), and through your support, we acted swiftly to provide crucial supplies like food, blankets and additional dog crates to accommodate the influx of rescued animals. Thank you for being a lifeline for Kenya’s animals in their darkest hour of need. Watch the video…

Image 4_credit_KSPCA

Credit: KSPCA

Bela Bela, South Africa – Funding critical veterinary check-ups for rescued donkeys. Through your support, we were able to work with our partner, Rest Ur Ass (RUA) in Bela Bela, to help give 40 rescued donkeys the care they deserve. The donkeys had their hooves trimmed and received vital tetanus vaccinations. Thank you for helping us deliver these critical services to rescued donkeys – your donations are making a real difference! Read more.

Image 5_credit_Bela Bela

Credit: RUA

Zagreb, Croatia – Hundreds join protest in the fight against horse abuse! Our partner, Animal Friends Croatia (AFC), recently organized a successful rally in Zagreb with over 400 supporters demanding a ban on the cruel tradition of 'Straparijada' – an archaic log-pulling competition known for horrific animal cruelty. Petitions demanding change were signed and delivered directly to the Prime Minister and key government officials. This action sends a strong message about the urgency of ending this suffering. Read more.

Image 6_credit_AFC & Matej Marjanovic

Credit: AFC & Matej Marjanovic

Amman, Jordan – Three rescued animals have found forever homes in the US. Our partner, the Al-Rameh Shelter in Jordan, has found loving homes for three of its rescued animals. Rescue dog Loz, Rocky the cat and Phoebe the pup all face a brighter future in the United States, thanks to you. Your donations are changing animal lives! Read more.

Image 7_credit_Al-Rahmeh

Credit: Al-Rahmeh

Facebook fundraisers – Make a life-saving difference from the comfort of your home! Ever wanted to volunteer, but don’t have the time? Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is a quick, easy and free way to get involved with our life-saving work! In a few simple steps, you can rally your friends, family and co-workers to the cause of your choice, with all donations going directly to Network for Animals. Are you ready to change the lives of animals across the world? Watch this short video to find out how to start a Facebook fundraiser today.

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In the News:

Turkana, Kenya, hit by spike in donkey thefts amid illegal skin trade. Read more.

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Credit: NFA

Cat and dog theft will be a criminal offense from August in England and Northern Ireland. Read more.

Image 10_credit_iStock

Colombia’s parliament has banned bullfighting – leaving just seven nations that still permit it. Read more.

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Credit: Luisa Gonzalex/Reuters

It is only thanks to animal lovers like you that we can continue our vital work for animals worldwide. Thank you for being a friend to dogs, cats, donkeys and horses everywhere. Your kindness means the world to them, and to us. Please consider donating to Network for Animals so we can create more success stories together!


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