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In June, Network for Animals provided crucial medical care for street dogs in the Balkans, launched essential spay and neuter programs for street cats in Morocco, supplied critically needed food and care for working donkeys in South Africa and delivered special milk formula to orphaned raccoon cubs in Germany, just to name a few.

None of this life-saving work for animals in desperate need worldwide would be possible without the generosity of our compassionate supporters. Here's a look at the animals YOU helped last month.

The Balkans

Providing crucial medical care for dogs with deadly leishmaniasis disease

Life for street dogs in the Balkans is a constant struggle. Every day, the animals face severe food and shelter shortages, and their suffering is compounded by a deadly disease called leishmaniasis, which affects up to 70% of the region's street dog population. This horrific insect-borne disease can cause skin lesions, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea and a prolonged, painful death. Due to weakened immune systems from their harsh lives on the streets, Balkan street dogs are at a high risk of succumbing to this disease.

Our partners cannot stand by and let these street dogs suffer and die, but they also cannot afford to save animal lives without help. We reached out to you with a desperate plea for support, and thanks to your donations, our partners can now administer essential leishmaniasis treatments to scores of dogs in need. Thank you for being a hero for vulnerable street dogs in the Balkans. 

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Image1_credit_Love Hope Rescue

Credit: Love Hope Rescue

Morocco 🇲🇦

Launching sterilization programs to prevent cats from being born into lives of suffering 

Morocco is facing a street cat crisis, with almost as many street cats as people and very few sterilization programs. As a result, millions of cats suffer from disease, starvation and abuse. With limited resources for food and medical care, countless unwanted kittens are born into a desperate fight for survival, often leading short, painful lives before meeting an untimely death.

Together with our partners, Kawthar Cats and Erham, we are eager to take action to reduce street cat suffering through vital spay and neuter programs. Through your support, we are now ready to make a difference! Thank you for helping us create a better future for the street cats of Morocco.

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Image2_credit_NFA_Dejan Radic

Credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

South Africa 🇿🇦

Supplying working donkeys with high-quality harnesses and life-saving food and veterinary care

In Bela Bela, South Africa, 250 donkeys endure horrendous abuse. By day, the animals are relentlessly worked to the brink of death, dragging overloaded carts with makeshift harnesses and wire halters that cause immense pain. By night, they face merciless attacks from those seeking to sabotage their competitors. Life for donkeys in this impoverished township is a nightmare. Those who buckle under the strain are brutally whipped and beaten, and when they can no longer continue, their owners resort to barbaric methods of euthanasia.

Working alongside our partner, Rest Ur Ass (RUA), and thanks to your generosity, we are working tirelessly to end this cruelty and save donkey lives through crucial public awareness campaigns, vital food and veterinary care, and the supply of humane harnesses and halters. Your kindness has brought relief and hope to over 200 abused, overworked donkeys who have seldom known compassion. Thank you for making a life-changing difference for these gentle animals.

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Image3_credit_NFA_Taryn Slabbert

Credit: NFA/Taryn Slabbert

Jordan 🇯🇴

Covering vet bills for pregnant Jordanian street dog Zara

In Jordan, street dogs are horrifically stigmatized and abused, often seen as 'filthy pests' fit for extermination. Zara, a four-year-old pregnant street dog, tragically exemplifies this cruelty. She was shot, run over and left for dead before being rescued by our partner, the Al Rabee shelter. After rushing her for emergency care, the vet revealed that Zara's injuries included severe wounds, breathing difficulties and nystagmus – a vision condition that causes repetitive, uncontrollable eye movements. Shockingly, the vet also found a bullet lodged in her back – yet despite the trauma, Zara and her unborn puppies miraculously survived, and soon she gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies. 

Al Rabee is the only animal shelter in Aqaba and provides food and medical care for hundreds of street dogs in addition to the 500 resident dogs at its shelter. However, mounting vet bills threatened their ability to continue their life-saving work. Thanks to your donations, we are covering Zara's vet bills and ensuring that countless more dogs in Jordan can receive critical care. Your compassion has given Zara and her pups a second chance at life – thank you. 

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Image4_credit_Al Rabee

Credit: Al Rabee

Germany 🇩🇪

Rushing special milk formula for raccoon cubs to ensure their survival and well-being

In Germany, an estimated two million raccoons struggle for survival on harsh city streets, facing dog attacks, deadly cars and poisoning. Villainized by citizens and targeted by laws that consider them pests, these intelligent animals are often met with hostility. Shockingly, the law mandates that rescued raccoons taken to local vets must be euthanized, and hunters routinely slaughter thousands of raccoons in a misguided attempt to control the population.

Our partner, Hauptsache Waschbär, is the only raccoon shelter in Germany, and is inundated with around 70 adult raccoons and 100 baby raccoons in need of nourishment and care. Thanks to your support, we are providing enough funds to cover the cost of specialized milk formula for the baby raccoons for an entire month. Thank you for finding it in your heart to help orphaned and injured raccoons who have very few kind-hearted humans to turn to.

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Image5_credit_NFA_Dejan Radic

Latest updates

Hua Hin, Thailand – Disabled dogs and cats will soon have a new home, thanks to YOU! Rescue P.A.W.S. is one of the only shelters in the Hua Hin District that takes in and cares for paralyzed, disabled and chronically ill dogs and cats. But with more animals pouring in every week, our partner ran out of space and urgently needed to raise funds for a new, larger shelter. Your generosity has helped get the project off the ground, and right now, we are completing work on a sustainable water solution for the shelter. The clinic building, kennels and land design are all planned out and construction will start soon. Read more.

Image6_credit_Rescue PAWS

Credit: Rescue PAWS

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Center (MARES) celebrates its 10th anniversary. One of our long-standing partners, MARES, has dedicated the past decade to fighting for the welfare of animals in Zimbabwe. NFA has helped them on their mission to treat, vaccinate, rehabilitate and rehome Zimbabwe’s donkeys, as well as successfully sterilize an incredible 880 stray cats – 341 of which were sterilized in 2024 alone. Join us as we continue to celebrate and support the incredible work this organization does every day. Read more.


Credit: MARES

Cape Town, South Africa – Providing emergency support amid devastating fire. Recently, a fire ripped through Happy Tails Langa, destroying their kennels. This small organization, run by a dedicated team, works to feed, treat, rescue and care for dogs in the impoverished Langa township. Thanks to our Gloria's Little Acts of Kindness (GLAoK) program, we acted swiftly and provided funds for blankets and six brand-new kennels, ensuring the dogs have a safe, warm place to sleep. Thank you for making this possible. Read more.

Image8_credit_Happy Tails

Credit: Happy Tails

Nikšić, Montenegro – Korina Association takes bold stand for animal welfare! Our partner, Korina Association, recently filed a request with the authorities to hold a veterinary inspector accountable for what they believed was unprofessional conduct. This is the first time such a request has been made in Montenegro. Korina has been fighting for improved animal welfare laws in Montenegro since 2017 and was instrumental in successfully lobbying the government to improve and enforce animal welfare laws. We proudly support the Korina Association and will continue to stand with them in the fight for animal rights in Montenegro. Read more.

Image9_credit_NFATeam Korina

Credit: NFA/Team Korina

Cape Town, South Africa – Preventing unwanted kittens from being born into lives of suffering. Our partner, African Tails, regularly finds street cats in need of its help in impoverished communities across Cape Town. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness (GLAoK) program, we donated towards the sterilization of three cats, all of whom had been giving birth to litter after litter. You have made a real difference for cats struggling for survival on the streets of Cape Town – thank you. Read more.

Image10_credit_African Tails

Credit: African Tails

In the news

Donkey “adopted” by herd of elk believed to be beloved pet lost five years ago. Read more.

Image11_credit_Max Fennel_instagram

Credit: Max Fennel/instagram

Thank you for being a friend and hero to desperate, vulnerable animals worldwide. Though they can’t speak for themselves, we know in our hearts that they are eternally grateful for your support – and so are we.

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