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Three hundred dogs in South Africa are in desperate need because thieves stole the money set aside for their care. To make the situation worse many of the dogs have special-needs because they are old and infirm.

These are old dogs who have lived at the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) shelter for many years, never being lucky enough to find a new home, but loved and cared for by DARG’s dedicated staff.

These dogs are in their twilight years and need special care and special food.

All was going well until all DARG’s money was stolen, leaving 300 dogs to face a hungry and uncertain future.

DARG is limping along, but there’s no money for special food for the old timers, at least there wasn’t until we stepped in. With your help, we will buy special food and medicine for elderly animals at DARG.

Dogs like Frisky, who has a foot injury that won’t heal, who’s blind in one eye and a bit slow moving, being rickety in the joints. She has lived at DARG for 12 years and in her old age, she needs special food, special medicine and lots of love and reassurance. I have told my team to be there for Frisky and her friends.


These are old dogs, that love humans but never had a chance to live in a normal home and experience family love. Now at the end of their lives, I know you will agree that we have to help. So, please if you possibly can make a donation do that I can help dogs in distress in Cape Town.



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