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Network for Animals has, for many years, supported small organisations in the UK that rescue wildlife and farm animals from terrible fates. One of these is Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, a 60-acre farm run by the wonderful Carole Webb. Carole is a 71-year- old retired veterinary nurse who has dedicated her life to looking after abandoned animals.

Carole, with the support of her administrator Mike Berry and a small team of volunteers, cares for over 400 sheep, including 21 lambs (currently being bottle fed three times a day), four pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys and 16 feral cats.

The animals came into Carole’s care from many different sources. Some had been bought as pets and given away once the owners could not cope with them. Some were badly injured or heading for slaughter. Most were abandoned by farmers.

Carole and Mike work hard every day to look after the animals, some of which are old and some disabled. The lives of all have been lengthened and enriched at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

Network for Animals is delighted to continue its annual grant to the sanctuary.

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Carole would be delighted to hear from our supporters in the area, who would like to visit, work as volunteers or participate in the sanctuary’s adoption program:

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Woolly Park Farm, Wolverton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 0HQ. 07984 399 617.

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