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Friends of Bats and Bushcare (FOBB), a fine organization run by Lawrence Pope in Victoria, Australia is looking after the babies with donations from Network for Animals supportersHe reports that so far 150 bubs have been returned to the wild and another 150 are nearly ready to be released.

NFA supporters helped Lawrence buy specialised flying fox milk formula for the bubs who were either orphaned in the fires or abandoned by their parents in the aftermath of the catastrophe. We helped provide special milk formula for them when they were first rescued; they have now graduated to fruit and are eating between 30 and 40 kilos (66 to 88 pounds) of it every day.

FOBB still rescues between three and nine injured flying foxes every day, but the situation has much improved.

A big thank you to our supporters for allowing us to help these creatures when they were about to die.


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