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We’re delighted to let you know that Ariel, a pregnant donkey your donations helped save, has given birth to a healthy foal – little Ballina!

You may remember that in June 2021, our partner organization in Zimbabwe, MARES (Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary), alerted us to a heart-breaking scene of cruelty. A frightened donkey lay in a heap next to her motionless friend, bleeding profusely from five axe wounds to her body. We immediately rushed her to safety at the MARES sanctuary, where she was named Ariel.

Ariel spent three hours in surgery and received seventy-two stitches. It was during this time that the team discovered she was pregnant. It’s a miracle that Ariel didn’t lose her foal from all the trauma and stress she must have felt.

The NFA team is thrilled to welcome sweet, happy and playful little Ballina to the world, and we will ensure that she, and brave Ariel, live the rest of their lives free of suffering and abuse


“[Ballina’s] fur is as soft as velvet, and she recognizes her name when you call her; she is an absolute energy bunny!” says Claire Einhorn, founder and director of MARES. “It brings tears to my eyes knowing that Ariel recognizes how to love and protect her foal when she had never known it before coming to MARES. Ballina has stolen the hearts of everyone who meets her.”

It's only because of your donations that NFA is able to make a difference to the lives of animals all around the globe – sweet, precious animals like Ariel and Ballina. Please keep donating today so that we can continue our vital work for the donkeys of Zimbabwe. Thank you from Ariel and Ballina, and thank you from all of us at NFA!


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