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Over 10,000 badgers were shot dead last year, in year 4 of the badger cull, ordered yet again by the Conservative government.  This shooting was carried out by tax-payer funded marksmen in a bid to end the Bovine Tuberculosis crisis affecting UK farmers.

Badgers are a Protected Species in the UK, and top scientists have spoken out time and time again against the rationale of culling badgers to try and fix what is, after all, a disease primarily affecting cows.  Yet the Conservative government refuses to listen to hard, scientific facts, and reason.

We need to make a stand because if the Tories get their way, they are going to authorise the decimation of our badger population all over southern parts of England.

This Monday, 27th March, MPs will meet to debate this issue, and it is imperative that as many MPs turn up as possible.

What can you do?


Contact your MP today and ask them to attend this vital debate.



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