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Elephants are in the most terrible trouble all over Africa...

100 elephants die every day…

They fall victim to poachers who murder them and chainsaw their ivory tusks…

I have found a way to give elephants new HOPE!
We are going to move a family of 30 elephants!

Elephants need wilderness where they can live their lives safe from cruel men who would rip the tusks from their faces. With your help, we are going to relocate an entire elephant family to just such a place… a remote area of the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

The last time elephants roamed this area was more than a 100 years ago. The Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa owns the land which is far from poaching areas and where the family will be able to safely breed in the wild. There’s plenty of space and plenty of water, the elephants will be happy there, but it’s a long and difficult journey from where they live now.

A full-grown elephant can weigh 12,000 pounds and it takes a lot of skill and a lot of money to safely move even one animal. We have promised to move 30 – mothers, babies, teenagers, the matriarch and bulls. They have to be moved as a family for their psychological well-being and it will be a massive organizational challenge.

We need to hire trucks, helicopters, vets and lots of skilled people. This elephant rescue mission is going to stretch NFA financially.

But it has to be done!

Lots of people talk about what a shame it is that hundreds of elephants are dying every day, cruelly slaughtered for their tusks. This is your chance to help me DO something about it and save elephants, so our grandchildren will be able to see them where they belong, in the wilderness.

I need people like you to stand at my side and take action, not just feel sorry about the slaughter taking place in Africa.

Please give generously to Network for Animals today so that 30 elephants will have a new home in the wild where they will be safe, happy and able to breed so we can start to reverse their terrible decline.

For the animals,


P.S. The elephant rescue takes time to plan. I have already started as I write this. Donate today and I will make sure my team keeps you updated on progress towards the happy day when for once there will be good news for elephants. July 1 is the target date, let the countdown begin!


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