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The barbaric seal cull, painting Canadian ice blood red each year, is normally thought of as an archaic Canadian venture. The Canadian government cites culling seals as “an important part of the way of life” for nationals living in and around their coastal regions. The country’s governors stand by the slaughter with a sense of national pride that is impossible for many to understand.

The majority of seals killed on the Canadian ice are harp seals. But, these are not Canada’s seals. Harp seals swim in our waters as well. They live off our coast. Canada have no right to claim these beautiful animals as their own; to slaughter them so ruthlessly.

In addition to harp seals, Canada promotes the hunting of hooded seals, grey seals, ringed seals, and bearded seals. Such species reside in the waters around the USA, and swim further afield, to Japan, to Europe, and to Russia. These seals are not Canadian animals. They are not Canada’s to kill.

Our founder Brian Davies fought the Canadian government through the 1970s and 1980s, peaking in the historic victory of a ban on the killing of whitecoats in 1987. This ban saved 2,500,000 seals.

Brian Davies and Network for Animals continue the fight for seals: We won’t stand by and let Canada decide who lives and who dies. Please support us by asking Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop killing OUR seals.


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