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Homeless, hungry and unloved, yet somehow Jack the Lad was surviving in the dirt poor area of Vrygrond near Cape Town, South Africa. He got by on scraps and garbage and the occasional pat from a kindly stranger. Then, for reasons we simply will never understand, somebody stabbed Jack the Lad in the head and left him for dead, blood streaming from his wound.

Jack the Lad wasn’t dead. He somehow managed to stagger to a nearby home, where he was found bleeding, and then his luck changed forever. The stabbing just happened to take place on a day that Network for Animals and our partner TEARS, were in the area helping animals in need.

Our action team was just two streets away, and moved to help immediately. Now here’s the part that gets me: Jack the Lad did not know us and had every reason to be afraid, but even as weak as he was, he wagged his tail in welcome. We all had the same thought: “We can’t let him die!

Jack the Lad was whisked away to be sedated by a vet and stitched up. He’s going to be OK.




As you’ll see in the video above, Jack’s suffering is far from unique in Vrygrond and our project with TEARS is making a vast difference.

Please make a generous donation today and be there for Jack and thousands more helpless dogs. Without our efforts, they have nothing.


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