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NFA were in Devon and Cornwall helping out with sett-surveying last week. At that point, nobody knew for certain where the badger culls would be taking place but we had a good idea, due to leaked information from the BBC.

Yesterday the government confirmed that licences have been granted for culling in ten areas. This means that along with Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset, Herefordshire, Cornwall and Devon are now officially cull zone areas too.

The government has set minimum and maximum targets for each cull zone and if maximum targets are to be reached, 14,213 of our badgers will have to die. Not only is this cruel, it also flies in the face of reason and scientific evidence.

NFA was shocked to see how big the cull zone area is in Cornwall-  650 square kilometres!  We need lots of boots on the ground to cover that area and protect the badgers from the government's hired gunmen.

If you live in or within travelling distance of any of the cull zones, then please get out and help on Wounded Badger Patrols. Don't leave it to someone else.

For more information on how to get involved to save our badgers, click here.

To help NFA get out to as many cull zones as possible, click here.


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