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A little while ago, we told you about hundreds of donkeys rescued from terrible situations in the Middle East by our partner, the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel. Many of the animals had been destined for a slaughterhouse in Egypt, for the despicable donkey-skin trade.

SOS gave the animals the most excellent care, but it had run out of space for all their rescued donkeys. Fortunately, a sanctuary in France offered to take in 200 of them – if SOS, with our help, could cover the cost of getting them there. A plan was devised to transport the animals to the beautiful La Tanière sanctuary in France, just outside Paris, and through your support, we were able to raise the money needed for this massive relocation.


We are thrilled to report that the relocation has been successfully completed, and all 200 donkeys are safely in their new home. They are happy and thriving, just the way they should be. A big thank you to you, our supporters, and everyone involved in helping us give these precious animals the wonderful new life they deserve.

Every time you donate, you make a life-changing difference to an animal in need. Please keep supporting our work so we can continue to give second chances to animals like these.

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Image credits: Banner: George Homs & Image 1: Jonathan Lake and George Hom


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