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Have you been meaning to help out on a Wounded badger patrol but haven't got round to it yet? Or are you maybe putting it off because you think plenty of other people will do it?

It is true that lots of dedicated people are patrolling in the cull zones every day and night of the week. NFA has been so inspired by them all.  On our travels to the different cull zones, we have encountered people who travel hundreds of miles every night to protect badgers from gunmen. We have met people who rely on crutches to walk who are nevertheless determined to help out on Wounded Badger Patrols. We have even met someone who couldn't walk at all but who monitored a badger sett all night, every night for a week to keep it safe from gunmen. Every single person we have met on patrols has inspired us because they are all so determined to fight to save our badgers.

Will you join them?

If you are reading this, then you care about badgers. So why not go the extra mile and join a Wounded Badger Patrol, and know that you have taken direct action against the cruel and irrational badger cull?  As you can see from the DEFRA table below, the culling is happening across 10 areas, and if the gunmen meet even their minimum targets, then nearly 10,000 badgers will have to die.

YOUR presence will make all the difference. The more boots we have on the ground, the more badgers will be saved. Be a hero for badgers and join a patrol today. It is safe and it is legal, and you will be welcomed warmly by fellow animal lovers.

For more information on how to join a Wounded Badger Patrol, please click here


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