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Poachers are wiping African elephants from the face of the earth. They are killing 27,000 wild elephants every year. If this continues the last wild African elephant will die in 2030.

Gone forever, so someone can wear an ivory trinket.

The poachers use every evil trick in the book to get elephant tusks. They end up in China to be carved into ornaments. Right now, as I write this, 76 elephants are suffering horrible deaths EVERY SINGLE DAY. Elephants are shot, hacked to death and poisoned. I need your help to stop this.

The Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa is one of the elephants’ last hopes. Addo’s elephant population is growing, because of the dedication of the rangers who protect them. Addo could be the elephants last stand and I promise we will be there fighting beside the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for elephants.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, I was able to give Addo a sophisticated drone to detect poachers from the skies. The elephants will be under aerial observation day and night, making the world a little bit safer for those who need our help so badly.


If we are going to keep elephants safe at Addo, there’s a lot of work to be done. I want to build new accommodation for poacher-tracking dogs and buy sophisticated equipment to monitor poaching hot-spots. This is a fight we must win, so, please, if you can, give generously to Network for Animals today so our grandchildren know what an elephant is.

For the animals,


P.S. Addo has a special place in my heart because 20 years ago my organization donated today’s equivalent of $4-million to Addo for the purchase of additional land for elephants. It was the start of a process that has seen Addo become an important sanctuary. Now with your help, I will be able to make sure it stays that way.


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