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Network For Animals recruit a seasoned specialist in the fight against Filipino dog meat traders.

In the Philippines, there are two prevailing attitudes to dogs: The first type of person loves and cares for a dog like a family member, much like you would expect in the west. Their heart is full when their dog is playful, and broken when their dog is sick. Network for Animals stands along side them: We provided them emergency relief after Typhoon Haiyan, we worked to improve the situation at Mandaluyong city pound, and we will continue to be there for them in future and help spread their approach to animal welfare.

Sadly, there is a second attitude, and a person who holds it simply belives that a dog is food for humans, and nothing more. This type of person thinks it is okay to snatch, cage, brutalise, torture, then slaughter a dog, before selling them for profit. Your donations and our hard work have already changed Philippine law and made this sickening, primitive attitude completely illegal. Yet still the brutality continues. And still we are left taking aftermath photos like the one above.

This month, we are pleased to announce the return of Mel Alipio to Network For Animals anti-dog-meat campaign in the Philippines. Mel is already responsible for rescuing over 4,000 Filipino dogs, and now, enraged by the ongoing trade, he is ready to again pick up the fight. Together, Mel and our network of animal lovers will create a prevailing single attitude to dogs in the Philippines. And we will not rest until then. Please donate generously.


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