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While it’s fact that making a difference and saving animals costs money and lots of it, we are NOT writing today to ask for a donation.

The Ukraine conflict is one of the worst crises we have seen since World War II. As people fled the embattled country, many animals were left abandoned, terrified, injured and starving on war-torn streets. These are the smallest, voiceless victims of war, and it’s critical that we stand together as animal lovers and unite to provide as much help to these poor, innocent animals as possible.

Today we are not asking for a donation, but for your help with another vital component of our work; it's called Facebook Fundraisers - it's simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

We live today in a very social network-centered world - something we’ve seen more and more of as the Ukraine crisis has unfolded. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are used to share information (as you may well have seen from our social media pages over these past several weeks), as well as rally support for those in the most desperate need. NFA needs your help sharing our life-saving and life-changing message as widely as possible, and as quickly as possible, so we can come to the aid of as many of the Ukrainian animals as we can. So, today we are inviting you to join and become an active part of a very special and important new program: NFA’s Facebook personal fundraising.


As you know, we send alerts and various other forms of communication, most of which include videos, approximately twice weekly to our group of animal-loving friends. Often, we ask these friends to sign a petition or send a letter to some official who has the power to change the fate of an animal, or animals, somewhere in the world. The actions our supporters take can mean the difference between life and death.


But we also must ask for donations. And it’s understandable that our supporters can’t donate every time, no matter how desperate the need.

This is what’s so terrific about NFA’s Facebook personal fundraising program.

We know this may not seem as exciting or valuable as actually assisting with a rescue or some other activity on the ground, but funding is fundamental to our ability to help animals - and especially, the animals in Ukraine right now.

And it’s easy!

Please, take a moment now to visit our special personal fundraising section on our Facebook page.

Once there, with just two or three clicks, you can use the template we’ve already created to help spread NFA’s life-changing and life-saving message. You can also invite your friends to contribute towards your fundraiser to help the animals you care so deeply about.


How to start a Facebook fundraiser - it takes just a minute!

Click here to start fundraising on Facebook.

If you’re already logged in:

1. Click ‘Raise money’ on the right-hand side of the page to start your fundraiser. (Depending on your device, it may take you straight through to a list of charities to support!)
2. You’ll see a list of charities to support. Choose Network for Animals or search for it in the search box.
3. Click ‘Create’ to start your fundraiser.

If you’re not logged in:

1. Enter your Facebook login details.
2. Navigate to the Network for Animals Facebook page (you can use the search bar to search for our page).
3. Click ‘Fundraisers’ near the top of the page (under our cover image).
4. Click ‘Raise money’ on the right-hand side of the page to start your fundraiser.

NFA always puts the animals first. We maximize every penny donated. Our campaigns are direct action-oriented - we help animals on the ground in several countries, often in remote areas where the need is great and larger groups tend not to prioritize helping.

But at the end of the day, there is strength in numbers. The more active followers and supporters we have on our side, the more powerful we are. The more we raise together, the more we can accomplish for animals in need.


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