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Fallen Angels was set up in a remote part of South Africa by two lifelong animal lovers, Gail Basson and Shireen Williams. Together, just two years ago, they gave up everything to buy a desolate piece of land and create a rescue shelter for injured and abandoned dogs and cats.

In the video above you’ll meet some of the poor souls who Fallen Angels have saved. Gentle Jagger, was doused in acid, blinded in one eye. His ears were cut off and he was left for dead. Sion was abandoned for nothing more than being a black cat in a superstitious neighborhood. Flame, was just six-months old when a thug poured boiling water over her.

Just three, among so many, heartbreaking cases.

When a call comes in, it is vital that Fallen Angels are able to take action day or night. Network for Animals is delighted to have helped Fallen Angels purchase a reliable new transport vehicle through our Dogs In Distress and Cats In Crisis campaigns. This vehicle is already making a world of difference to poor animals, and it couldn’t have happened without the support of wonderful people like you.

In just two short years, Fallen Angels has grown to care for more than 250 dogs and almost 100 cats. For every one of these animals, and the thousands that will follow, I am determined that we support Fallen Angels ongoing work. As wicked humans continue to behave with unspeakable cruelty to animals, there will undoubtedly be another Jagger, another Sion and another Flame.

Please make a donation today, and ensure we can be there for them.


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