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Rhino poaching in South Africa is steadily increasing with 394 rhinos killed so far this year. Please help us convince the authorities to take action.

Network for Animals has recently joined the fight to protect rhinos in South Africa where steadily dwindling populations are being decimated by poachers. This devastating crisis, with 668 rhinos killed in 2012 and 394 killed in 2013 so far - that's 3.8 rhinos per day - is fuelled by the demand for rhino horn in traditional Asian medicine. Of course, there is absolutely no medical benefit from consuming rhino horn, but the trade remains a very lucrative business that preys on uninformed consumers, principally in Vietnam and China.

The vast majority of rhinos killed in South Africa are poached in the Kruger National Park, a vast wildlife reserve that shares a long and porous border with Mozambique, where most of the poachers originate.

Please take action now and write to the government of Mozambique.


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