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Last week Network for Animals took to the streets of London to raise awareness and fight the legal killing of seals in the UK. NFA were protesting against the law which allows British salmon farmers to shoot seals to ‘protect’ their farmed fish stocks. The UK government state that shooting seals to protect fish stocks should be a last resort. But, there’s nobody around to enforce or monitor this rule and hundreds of seals have been killed for the sake of farmed salmon and other fish.

We wanted to make people aware of this law and support them in thinking more consciously about where they buy their fish. So, we got dressed up and took to the streets!

Did you spot us?

Thanks to Joe & The Juice for stocking up on NFA flyers for your customers!

Huge thanks to Lush for being so supportive too! We left lots of literature in the Oxford Street flagship store.

Thanks to the police for being so supportive of our campaign and taking our literature!

We spoke to many individuals, organisations, and businesses, and hope that as a consequence many more people will think about where they buy their fish in the future. Please help us spread the word about the killing of seals by salmon farmers, and talk to your supermarkets about where they source their fish. Ask questions and demand answers! Help us stop the killing of UK seals.

Photo Credits: Samantha Palmer


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