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Network for Animals has been battling the Philippines dog meat trade, a cruel and illegal underground industry that implicates hundreds of thousands of dogs, for many years.

Our tireless efforts and those of our supporters, in conjunction with others, has resulted in good legislation, education that has reached millions of people and enforcement that has led to thousands of dogs being rescued from the dog meat trade.

A lack of enforcement on the part of the Philippine authorities, however, remains a fundamental impediment to eradicating this cruel practice for good, so we are in the process of setting up a partnership with all the relevant government agencies in the Philippines that we hope will result in a nationwide crackdown. We are stepping up our enforcement activities to match those of the police, which will result in regular seizures of dogs bound for makeshift slaughterhouses.

Each seizure is complex, involving international elements, local staff, vehicles, veterinary care, housing, feeding and love.  On average a hundred dogs are involved at a cost of £6,000, or £60 pounds a dog.

If you could see the response of the dogs as we cut the ties around their poor bruised muzzles and legs and give them water, you would cry tears of happiness and commit yourself to helping Network for Animals carry on this vital mission. Please support our work as we move forward to eliminate this inhumane industry.

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