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In South Africa, NFA was alerted that the Foundation for Conservation of Coastal Bird’s (SANCCOB) had a crisis on their hands in regard to the abandonment of 2,000 flamingo chicks at Kamfers Dam outside Kimberley.

This occurred after a water shortage at the dam which subsequently meant the adult flamingos could not feed themselves or their young. SANCCOB admitted them to their rehabilitation site in Cape Town to try and save them. Sadly, 560 chicks did not make it.

SANCCOB is renowned for helping thousands of seabirds and is confident it can help the other chicks. This requires many resources such as food, medication, veterinary care, and rehabilitation.

Each chick receives round-a-clock care, including each chick receiving regular syringe feeds, made up of a specially designed recipe.

When the chicks are well enough, they will be returned to their home dam.


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