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The 300 dogs clinging to life in Dubrovnik’s Zarkovica shelter desperately need heroes, and Network for Animals is both touched and delighted that Croatian-born star Goran Višnjić has joined our fight:

“Hi, I’m Goran Višnjić, you may know me from my roles in the TV series ER and now the US series Timeless, but today I am writing to you as an animal lover.

The mayor of Dubrovnik is waging a campaign against a few brave women who run the private Zarkovica Animal Shelter in the city. I have visited the shelter and am really impressed by the dedication of the women who care for 300 dogs there. The mayor of Dubrovnik is trying to close the shelter and send the dogs to be killed. I am appalled.

He actually sent armed police to the shelter in the middle of the night and illegally confiscated 65 dogs. Thankfully, Zarkovica got the dogs back but the mayor continues to insist he will close the shelter down. I completely support the efforts of Network for Animals in trying to persuade the mayor to end the persecution of the volunteers who work tirelessly without pay to look after dogs that the City of Dubrovnik has failed.

By law, the city must create a shelter and Zarkovica has the land to create a better place for dogs and has offered to work with the city to create one but the mayor has repeatedly refused to do so.

Please lend your support to Network for Animals and sign its petition to call upon the mayor to end this shameful behaviour and instead help the dogs in distress in Dubrovnik.”




Please join Goran Višnjić and show your support to the brave women of the Zarkovica animal shelter. The 300 dogs in their care need your signature on this petition to help them survive the approaching winter. Together, we will get these dogs through the winter, and build them a safe haven.


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