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Good News from Jordan for Pepe the Street Dog

Pepe is a Jordanian street dog who was dragged behind a car as a sick form of punishment. Pepe was in shock and suffering from severe injuries. We provided round-the-clock care and even then, were not sure if Pepe would survive.

We are happy to report that Pepe is steadily improving. He can now stand on his own and has taken his first hesitant steps. It now looks like, thanks to Network for Animals’ supporters, Pepe will survive.

There has even been some progress in finding Pepe a loving forever home, and a few potential owners have been flagged.

We want to thank Network for Animals’ supporters and the Al Rabee shelter for all their love and care during this difficult time. It's because of people like you that these small victories are possible.

If you can, please continue to help Pepe by donating toward his food, care and ongoing medical treatment.

Pepe is one of the lucky ones and has been given a second chance at life. Pepe is a small victory in the horrendous battle against cruelty to street dogs in Jordan.

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