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We have GREAT NEWS FROM ISRAEL! Nicky the baby donkey, who was beaten so badly he she experienced a rectal prolapse, is going to live. The news gets even better - your donations allowed us to pay for emergency surgery and it worked! When she grows up, she is going to be able to live a normal life.

Vicious children found Nicky abandoned in a field in the occupied territories and proceeded to beat her with a chair and wooden sticks. They beat her so hard the chair broke. Imagine the suffering this poor four-month-old donkey went through.

Nicky was found a week ago, in a bloodied heap in the sand, barely clinging to life, by our partner, the Animal Environment Association, a Palestinian organization, which rescued her. Nicky was then treated by our partner, Starting Over Sanctuary, an Israeli organization which provided top medical and surgical treatment for poor Nicky. Sharon Cohen of Starting Over says that Nicky is very gentle and very clever, but that, after her ordeal, she is still a little apprehensive.

We are also happy to report that Nicky has made a new donkey friend called Yaheli who is about the same age, and they are inseparable! These two are eating together and sleeping by one another, with Yaheli providing Nicky affection she so desperately needs.

Nicky still has a long way to go; she is suffering from severe malnutrition and swelling on her body as a result of the blows. We are giving her fortified food and the best possible love, and she is showing improvement every day. But she will need long-term care.

Thank you SO much for your donations and continued support; without it, the chances of Nicky’s survival would have been slim.

The need for us to increase our help in Israel is very evident. Our strategy is two-fold: to come to the direct aid of animals on the ground and, of critical importance, to educate children about the importance of animal welfare.

Some organizations have reduced their worldwide aid to donkeys because of the COVID crisis. We remain fully committed to helping donkeys everywhere and have increased our aid in several countries including Israel, Jordan, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Fighting the global donkey crisis is an ongoing battle and requires massive resources. We can only achieve real and lasting change together so please help us help other donkeys in need by making a generous donation today.


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