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A few weeks ago we were reporting on the desperate situation at the Mandaluyong city pound in Metro Manila. Thanks to your support, things are changing rapidly.

When we last reported on the Mandaluyong city pound, around 100 Dogs were housed in deplorable conditions and many were starving. No access to veterinary care, and at times even water.

NFA's executive director has since met with volunteers and the government vet in charge of the pound and was amazed at the changes that have already been implemented.

The government vet, after listening to our concerns, has now agreed to work with Network for Animals and the dedicated team of volunteers to completely overhaul the way in which the pound is run.

Food and water is now always available and volunteers are allowed to walk the dogs, giving them a much needed break from life in a cage. These changes have enhanced the dogs’ lives immeasurably.

It is critical that we continue to provide financial support for the Mandaluyong pound so the team can build on their progress. Network for Animals has given them a second grant so that they can purchase more food, veterinary supplies and equipment.

£15 can fund veterinary treatment for a dog with mange

£30 can pay for a dog to be neutered prior to adoption

Most importantly, staff at the pound need resources so that they can raise awareness in the local community that these dogs need a permanent, loving home. You have allowed us to lead positive changes at the Mandaluyong pound. Please help us to support these changes and make this a shining example for other dog pounds in Metro Manila.

Please make a donation TODAY to help find a home for a desperate dog


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