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Protest action has escalated against Cherry Brook Zoo in Canada after it emerged that no charges will be laid against it after a number of guinea pigs were allegedly ‘inhumanely euthanized’ to serve as feed to other animals.

The New Brunswick SPCA said the inhumane euthanasia caused severe and unnecessary pain and suffering.

After reviewing the allegation against the zoo, the prosecutor’s office decided not to lay charges, spurring about two-dozen protesters to gather at the zoo.

Cherry Brook Zoo, has over 35 species of exotic and endangered animals, from zebras to the Burmese Python. The zoo has insisted that the guinea pigs, which are euthanized three times a year to serve as feed to other animals, were put down humanely.

“The zoo representatives just want this to go away, they just want this to quietly go away and they want to turn the attention to something else when really this can’t be ignored,” protester Sarah Cusack and former zoo volunteer told media.

The zoo is set to open for its spring and summer season, yet the group of protestors with bright signs and tag lines look to keep the focus on the alleged incident.

Cherry Brook executive director, Martha McDevitt, told reporters she fully backs the decision not to pursue charges, as a thorough investigation was carried out. McDevitt said the zoo co-operated fully with the investigators.

Protestors felt this was not the truth and demanded something be done.

David Barritt, chief campaigner for Network for Animals, said regulations needed to be reviewed so that animal welfare matters are taken into consideration.

“NFA opposes all zoos because they all house animals in captive conditions which are unsuitable for wild animals. Ethically, what is being done at this zoo is unacceptable, but the problem will only be solved when the zoo is closed down.”


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