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The Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES) does incredible work in the rural townships of South Africa, rescuing and rehabilitating abused donkeys and other equines. One of their critical tasks involves patrolling the townships for any cases of abuse, and a reliable vehicle is vital to this job.

However, being a small non-profit organization with incredibly limited resources, the HAHES team was relying on an old, troublesome vehicle that continually broke down, leaving them without a car for up to a week at a time. That’s up to a week with no patrols, and no one looking out for the donkeys.

When we heard about their plight, we didn’t think twice. HAHES is a valued long-term partner of ours and over the years, has helped to save countless donkeys from terrible lives of abuse. Thanks to the continued generosity of NFA supporters like you, we were able to provide HAHES with a new vehicle to continue its wonderful work.

HAHES recently posted on their Facebook page,

"We were blessed to collect our new bakkie [4X4 vehicle] so kindly donated to us by the incredible Network for Animals. We are speechless and so overwhelmed by your kindness. We can never thank you enough for everything you do, not just for us but for animals in need around the world. Network for Animals is a truly inspirational organization. They travel the world helping animals and organizations in need. We are very blessed to be a partner of Network for Animals and grateful for all that they do."

And, at Network for Animals, we are incredibly grateful to you, our supporters for enabling us to do all that we do for the animals!


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