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Our careful monitoring of Philippines dog meat traders paid off recently, when accompanied by local police my team completed a dramatic and dangerous raid in the Batangas province.

Deep within an overgrown lot we found a metal holding cage inside a sunken concrete pit that had been concealed with fallen banana fronds and forest debris.

Cramped inside the cage were eight dogs, once destined for a brutal, bloody end. Some were still wearing collars!

The surveillance and raids are one of our best lines of defense in ending the dog meat trade, but to sustain this vital work I need you. Please help us if you can.

The worst part was when we stood at the top of the pit and noticed the cage door where these poor animals had been stuffed through to the sweltering prison below.

The opening couldn’t have been more than
ten or twelve inches at most!

It sickens me to know dogs were trucked to this dreadful destination only to have their bodies kicked and forced through an unforgiving “door” less than half their size.

In the half-light of the pit my team could see dogs visibly shaking, their eyes closed with fear and pain.


Dog meat trading in the Philippines is illegal but it is driven by profit. Evil men don’t care how much suffering they cause if it means more money in their pockets. It won’t stop until we stop it.

Only with your support can we raid the traders’ dens, rescue dogs and take the criminals to court. It is dangerous work because the traders often have guns and may well use them to escape prison.
Your urgent donation is a lifeline to innocent dogs.
The dogs from this raid were spared being hacked to death and served as dinner and that’s because of your donations.

Until the last trader is put to justice I cannot let the memory fade, of their wide eyes peering up from that hellhole, pleading, waiting, not knowing what to expect from us.

Help us reach dogs before it’s too late. Give as generously as you can to fund more raids and end the Philippines dog meat trade once and for all.

For the animals,


P.S. Every dog from this recent raid was alive and brought to the clinic (Philippines Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for immediate care. But while our rescue vehicles are a far cry from the criminal trucks carrying bloody dog bodies and limbs, it is still a reminder that this is a race against time. Please give what you can now to end this unspeakably cruel trade.


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