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Organized Horse fighting is a brutal and outdated form of ‘entertainment’, in which two stallions are forced to kick, bite and maul each other until one submits, flees, or dies. In a typical Organized Horse Fighting Derby, seventy two horses will endure repeated kicking and biting. For some, the price will be much higher: death. The fighting is illegal, yet widespread, and with such large amounts of money involved, many officials look the other way.

Network for Animals has battled Organized Horse Fighting for years. One of the important ways we fight illegal horse fighting is by conducting free clinics for farmers with horses. In exchange for conducting free clinics, mayors of the towns where we hold free clinics agree to enforce bans on Organized Horse Fighting. Just last month we told you about how Network for Animals’ vet Medino Yebron, visited the mayors of five towns in the Southern Philippines. Medino reached an agreement with each of these mayors to end Organized Horse Fighting in their towns.

Today, we are delighted to tell you more about the work we are doing to halt Organized Horse Fighting in Don Carlos, a community in the Southern Philippines. In Don Carlos there is currently a drought and the roads leading to the town are very bad, with little grass for horses to eat due to the intense heat. Our vet Medino was able to bring food and treatment to 57 horses, greatly improving welfare in the area.

Medino and his team additionally dewormed horses and provided vitamins to the horses. Both farmers and horses were incredibly thankful. More clinics will continue to happen in the coming days.

The work that Network for Animals is doing in the Philippines is invaluable to farmers and their horses in the short term. Free veterinary clinics allow horses to stay healthy and survive difficult conditions. In the long term, our free clinics do even more. They prevent Organized Horse Fighting, the promotion of cruelty, and ultimately help save the lives of horses otherwise destined for the pain of organized bloodsports in the Southern Philippines.


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