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As 2023 drew to a close, our supporters’ unwavering generosity made a real impact in the lives of countless animals worldwide. Your donations helped us rescue scores of street dogs and cats from the clutches of terrible hunger, abuse and disease and played a crucial role in saving the lives of hundreds of drought-stricken donkeys.

Here are some of the animals our supporters helped in December.

Lusaka, Zambia 

Saving street dogs from hunger, disease and horrific human cruelty

In Lusaka, Zambia, street dogs face a daily struggle for survival, grappling with hunger, disease, and the horrors of human cruelty that plague their existence. Together with our partner, the Cactus Foundation, we work to provide dogs saved from abuse and the brutal illegal dog meat trade with critically needed food, veterinary care and shelter. But with our partner currently inundated with more than 360 rescued animals, much more help is needed.

Through your support, we were able to provide scores of rescued animals with life-saving food, medical care and safe, comfortable shelter at the Cactus Foundation. Your donations have changed the lives of these dogs forever. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for the desperate dogs of Zambia.

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Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

Cape Town, South Africa 

Providing critical vaccines and medicines as deadly disease ravages township dogs

In Cape Town, South Africa, a deadly outbreak of canine distemper virus is wreaking havoc on the poor community of Vrygrond, leaving countless helpless dogs to suffer slow and excruciating deaths. What makes the situation even worse is that distemper is not the only problem.

Our partner, TEARS, regularly encounters animals suffering from severe starvation, mange, and agonizing wounds from dog fights and stabbings inflicted by gang members. Nova, a four-month-old puppy we recently rescued, is just one tragic example. Left untreated, mange led to a secondary infection, causing her skin to rot and slough off, revealing pus-filled cysts beneath necrotic flesh.

We reached out to you with a desperate plea to help animals living in such harsh, unforgiving conditions. Thanks to your donations, we were able to rush funds for vaccines to combat distemper, treatment for mange and general veterinary care for severe injuries and infections. Thank you for helping to save the life of poor Nova and countless other suffering souls like her.

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Credit: TEARS

Matabeleland, Zimbabwe 

Rushing food to 300 starving donkeys in drought-stricken Zimbabwe

In late November, we told our supporters about a devastating drought ravaging the region of Zimbabwe, subjecting 300 defenseless donkeys to a crippling starvation crisis. Owned by poor people in the Matabeleland region who cannot afford fodder, the donkeys were on the verge of starvation. We knew we had to act fast.

Thanks to your unwavering generosity, we were able to deliver an emergency supply of 500 bales of hay and 26 bags of feed, sparing hundreds of donkeys from imminent starvation. Thank you for coming through for the desperate donkeys of Zimbabwe in their greatest hour of need.

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Credit: NFA/Haldon Krog

Latest Updates

Cape Town, South Africa – Providing chronic medication for elderly equines. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness Program, we assisted the Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children with critically needed chronic medicine and supplements for elderly horses suffering from the long-term effects of abuse and neglect. Your donations made this possible – thank you! Read more.


Credit: Tom Ro Haven

Hoedspruit, South Africa – Enriching the lives of rescued shelter dogs. Recently, we contributed towards repairing and constructing a play run for the dogs at Hoedspruit Paws, providing an additional 590.5 feet (180 meters) for 35 rescued dogs to run and play to their hearts’ content. Together, we are changing animal lives! Read more.


Credit: Hoedspruit Paws

Cape Town, South Africa – Keeping bellies full and tails wagging over the holidays! Your generosity helped us purchase 380 kilograms (830 pounds) of pet food, ensuring that animals in the low-income area of Brooklyn remained well-fed by the team at African Tails over the festive season. Thank you for giving our four-legged friends the gift of a full belly at Christmas. Read more.


Credit: African Tails

Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina – Simo’s second chance! Discarded like rubbish on the side of the road at just five-months-old, Simo’s only crime was being born different. Fortunately, Simo was found by compassionate animal lovers and rushed to the safety of our newly constructed dog shelter in Trebinje – a shelter made possible entirely by our supporters. Simo has a second chance at a happy life thanks to your support. Read more.


Credit: Trebinje shelter

Agia Anna, Greece – Rushing feed for equines affected by flood. In the wake of the recent floods that tore through Greece, the animals of Rancheros Farm and Equine Sanctuary in Agia Anna were left in dire straits. Through your support, NFA was able to provide food to sustain seven horses and two donkeys for an entire month. Thank you for being their lifeline! Read more.


Credit: Rancheros Farm and Equine Sanctuary

Cape Town, South Africa – Funding vital sterilizations and veterinary care. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness Program – made possible entirely by your generosity – we recently contributed to the Howlelujah Foundation’s vet bill, ensuring that up to 80 animals received critically needed sterilization and veterinary care. Read more.


Credit: Howlelujah Foundation

Cape Town, South Africa – Getting service dog, Jewel, back on her paws. Jewel, South Africa’s first seizure response service dog, is trained to react to seizures within seconds, dramatically improving the life of her owner, Michael, who suffers seizures caused by temporal plus epilepsy. Jewel recently found herself in need of a costly surgery to correct a painful limb deformity. Through your support, we funded Jewel’s surgery and provided her with a year’s supply of food. Thank you for your service, Jewel! Read more.


Gili Islands, Indonesia – Panda is on the road to recovery! Together with our partner, Project Luni, we created a life-saving cat clinic in Indonesia thanks to your donations. During a recent trap-neuter-return (TNR) campaign, a kitty named Panda was brought in with a broken femur. Our team of compassionate veterinarians not only tended to his broken leg but also made the difficult decision to amputate it, ensuring Panda’s chance at a pain-free and happy life. Every donation you make has a success story, and Panda’s is one of them. Read more.


Credit: Project Luni


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