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Itchy and Scratchy were found at the side of the road, huddled with their dead mother. The driver who found them protected them from passing traffic and called the RSPCA.

The tiny pair were in a terrible state: Dehydrated, and covered in lice, ticks and fleas. The RSPCA needed a specialist to help, and fortunately they knew just who: Bob Speechly of Cornwall Badger Rescue, a group that Network For Animals supporters raised £5,000 for just two months ago.

With Cornwall Badger Rescue's support and regular bottles at the cage door, Itchy and Scratchy soon regained their strength. They have been tested for TB and given the all clear, and are now making new friends at Secret World Rescue, until their release back to nature at the end of the year.

Cornwall Badger Rescue thank Network For Animals supporters for their generosity, and for enabling the success of this rescue.


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