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In February 2021, we appealed to you for support in helping poor Apollo, a dog who was deliberately hit by a car in Jordan and left badly injured on the roadside. At the time, the extent of his injuries was unclear, but he appeared to be paralyzed and the odds of him being able to walk again were slim. But Apollo’s story is proof that miracles can happen!

Dogs are vilified in Jordan, and some people even consider it fun to target street dogs who are sick, hungry and weak, and mow them down with their cars and trucks. Innocent Apollo fell victim to these monsters after he was hit and left unable to walk, alone and terrified on the side of the road.

Fortunately, he was found by a kind woman who contacted the Al Rabee shelter to help him.

When he was first rescued, Apollo cried and gnashed his teeth in fear of being harmed again. He was unable to walk and barely had the strength to drag his limp back legs behind him. Even more horrifyingly, a veterinary examination discovered that in addition to being hit by a car, Apollo had also been shot with metal bullets that were lodged in his neck and spine. It was unclear whether this boy would ever be able to walk again. But we didn’t give up hope and we were committed to helping him recover.

Apollo recovering at the Al Rabee shelter

Because of your donations, we were able to pay for Apollo’s specialized medical treatment, pain medication and intensive rehabilitation at Al Rabee, and after months of treatment, the unimaginable happened: Apollo began to use his back legs again! He began to walk, play, and even run.

As if this weren’t enough of a miracle, we were elated to hear that Apollo had found his forever home in the US!

In July 2021, Apollo left Jordan to begin his journey to the US. It was just in the nick of time - before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) placed a temporary ban on the entry of dogs from 113 high-risk countries, including Jordan.

Today, Apollo – now nicknamed Foxxy Browne – lives in Texas with his ‘paw-some’ new family: his dad, Randy Carnes, and his nine cat and dog siblings! Randy has worked for the US Military as a civilian contractor in both Iraq and Syria and is passionate about helping animals, especially the forgotten street dogs of the Middle East. In 2006, Randy rescued and relocated a dog from Iraq he named Sugarbear, whom he loved dearly until her passing in 2019.

“Apollo is a good dog and we love him; he has a home for life and will be treated with the kindness and respect he deserves. He represents thousands of others like him, and he wouldn’t be here without Network for Animals,” says Randy.
Apollo with his dad, Randy

It’s thanks to the unwavering support of people like you, our supporters, that dogs like Apollo get a second chance at life. Thank you for continuing to support Network for Animals, and please keep donating so we can help even more animals like Apollo, who would be destitute without your support.

Read more about Apollo's story here.


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