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As wild animals diminish by the day, clothing producers continue make hefty profits from the worst kind of animal cruelty. Animal activists in Boston recently took to the streets in a protest against popular winter wear producer, Canada Goose, highlighting the brutal torture of wild animals to make their products.

Protestors say cruel leg-hold traps are used to kill wild animals, particularly, coyotes to produce Canada Goose’s clothing range, which is popular with college students.

David Barritt, Network for Animals campaign director, said that leg hold traps inflict terrible suffering on animals caught by them and called for an immediate ban on their use.

“Often animals are trapped for days without food or water for days before dying,” he said. “Mothers trying to get back to babies will resort to chewing off their legs. If they buy products made from coyotes, consumers must understand that some poor animal died a horrible death to make what they are wearing.

“Network for Animals is appalled that these torture devices are still in use. We call for an immediate world-wide ban.”

Every year, trappers kill millions of racoons, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, possums, beavers, otters and other animals for their fur. When an animal steps on the steel jaw device, it snaps shut and there’s little or no chance of escape. As animals struggle to get free, the steel vice cuts into their flesh – often down to the bone.

Leghold traps are also a danger to domestic pets and humans.

Many countries have outlawed the use of leg-hold traps including Belgium, Greece, Chad, Benin, Bolivia, Chile and Guatemala. However, in parts of the US and other countries, the devices are still legal.


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