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Thanks to Network for Animals, Ikarus the puppy has been given a second chance at life after being found lying motionless in his own excrement on the side of a road in Niksic, Montenegro.

When a group of local rescuers discovered the injured puppy, they rushed him to a local veterinary clinic. The news was not good: Vets discovered that Ikarus had permanent spinal damage and said that he would never walk again – at least not on his own. As if this weren’t bad enough, two deep pressure wounds had formed on his hips and were showing no signs of healing.

Without costly and intensive treatment to heal his gaping wounds, Ikarus’s rehabilitation hung in the balance. Together with our partner, the Nikšić Association for Animal Protection (NUZZ), we were determined to stick by Ikarus’s side, no matter what.

“I will not give up on him,” said Vesna Dacic from NUZZ. “He eats well and he wants to play, even with all the problems he has."

Thanks to a grant from our Little Acts of Kindness program, we were able to subsidize Ikarus’s boarding at a specialist animal clinic in Belgrade, Serbia, where he was relocated at the beginning of the month for his treatment. Ikarus has begun a course of crucial antibiotic therapy, is receiving high-quality nutrients and vitamins, and was even gifted a brand-new soft bed specifically designed to ease the pressure on his wounds.

Ikarus will remain in the care of the clinic until his posterior lesions have fully healed. The next step is finding this beautiful pup his perfect forever home!

Even though Ikarus will sadly never walk on his own again, your continued kindness has given him the opportunity to heal and move once more (with the help of a doggy wheelchair). Thank you for aiding us in our mission to save yet another precious life.

Please, if you can, continue to donate. Every time you do, you help us save another special animal’s life.


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