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Network for Animals is happy to have contributed towards the great work of Sedgefield Animal Matters (SAM), a small team of dedicated volunteers working to improve the lives of animals in the Sedgefield community of South Africa.

SAM specializes in rescuing and rehoming abused, abandoned and unwanted domestic animals and providing food and care to neglected street dogs and cats in the community’s rural township. The small team works hard to raise awareness of the plight of street animals, promoting respect and compassion for all creatures. Their main goal is to reduce pet overpopulation by running regular sterilization programs with the assistance of local vets.

Apart from their regular sterilization days, SAM undertakes a weekly outreach program in the surrounding low-income areas to feed the animals and provide flea and tick prevention medication. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Network for Animals was able to contribute to SAM's work by providing food and veterinary medicine towards this wonderful initiative.

A big, heartfelt thank you to the SAM team for everything they are doing to help the animals of Sedgefield – and a big thank you to you, our supporters. It is only through your unwavering kindness and compassion that we’re able to support the work of this amazing team and so many others like them. Please continue to donate so that we may reach as many animals as possible in poor, rural areas, and give them a life free of hunger, pain and overbreeding.


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