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This week, our team was delighted to be able to gift a total of 185 warm fleece blankets to the cats and dogs at our partner, TEARS in Cape Town, South Africa – all thanks to the generosity of our supporters!

Winters in Cape Town get bitterly cold - not for nothing is it called the Cape of Storms. Even though our beloved fur babies may have built-in fur coats, the cold can affect them badly. The sad truth is that there are countless cats and dogs out there with no blankets to keep them warm in winter and no loving human companions to cuddle them. Without dedicated organizations like Network for Animals, many of these animals will not make it through winter. We serve the worst and most dangerous slums around the city, come rain or shine.

We filled a truck with warm, fluffy blankets and delivered them to TEARS, a shelter that cares for cats and dogs. There were so many blankets that they did not all fit in the back of the pickup, and we had to load our laps full too - it was a snuggly ride!


The blankets will provide warmth for sick and frightened animals in the shelter’s clinic and the wet, icy, unforgiving slums where the only help street cats and dogs get is what we provide through the help of our supporters. These blankets will make a huge difference to 185 innocent animals who will feel warm and loved. It’s a small act of kindness that will make many a cat purr.

Just like humans, prolonged exposure to the cold can comprise animals’ immune systems, making them more susceptible to viral infections and even hyperthermia.

With your support, we help ease the suffering of animals all around the world. We save the lives of the most critically vulnerable four-legged friends in times of disaster and desperate need. We go where others won’t. With our partners on the ground, we provide medical care and vehicles and fund rescue teams. And most importantly, we provide love and care for the lost, frightened, sick and lonely.


We can only do things like this because of the generous support of our supporters, so please keep caring for the sick and frightened animals of the world. Donate today and spread your love and warmth to those who need it most.


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