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This week we at Network for Animals are proud to announce that Lush are partnering with us in our fight against Organized Horse Fighting. Lush are a highly successful cosmetics brand, selling innovative products around the world. They support organizations like ours and are staunchly against animal testing.

As part of Lush’s excellent Charity Pot scheme, they have given Network for Animals’ Charitable Trust £3,000 to deliver horse clinics in the Southern Philippines.

Our ‘Horse Clinics against Horse Fighting’ project provides free veterinary clinics to farmers in the southern Philippines. Veterinary services for horses in the Philippines are very basic and often too expensive for impoverished local farmers, who enter their horses in local tournaments for minimal participation money.

Our team includes a local vet who currently provides veterinary care to dogs and horses, as well as working as a diplomatic liaison with local governors. The team also travel around the country providing education to children in schools on the cruelty of Organized Horse Fighting. This creates change in the long-term. Lush Charity pot funding will allow our team to travel through the southern Philippines providing free veterinary care to farmers, targeting geographical areas where Organized Horse Fighting is rife, to create changes at the root of the issue.

Veterinary horse clinics typically cost around £500 each. This includes travel, accommodation (if too far from where our team is based), and medicines. Funding of £3000 will allow NFA to provide six free horse clinics, in return for the recipients, and local towns to work against Organized Horse Fighting, and saving horses from pain, cruelty, and death. In addition to saving horses, this project will also benefit famers living and working in the southern Philippines, thus spreading a message of the long term benefits of good animal welfare.

In the long term ‘Horse Clinics against Horse Fighting’ will lead to safe and healthy horses. The welfare of these beautiful animals is our primary objective with respect to this project. However, ‘Horse Clinics against Horse Fighting’ will also lead to poor farmers being in a financially stronger position. Our clinics will also help change the root cause of the blood sport.

Our ultimate goal is to end Organized Horse Fighting for good. Clinics such as this, which involve local people, and support local communities are part of that long term plan.

Thank you Lush!


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