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The brave souls at animal welfare organization, Network for Animals (NFA), are tough. No matter the danger, these passionate animal lovers are never going to stop saving lives. When it comes to the dogs of the world, NFA has proven itself time and time again, whether it be undercover operations in the Philippines or dangerous rescue operations in South Africa’s most dangerous shantytowns.

“We know it is dangerous, but we will never let anything stop us from saving lives,” said NFA chief campaigner, David Barritt.

“Thanks to the donations we receive from people around the world, we are able to not just speak up for dogs, we are able to take action for them.”

One of the most important aspects of saving lives is the organisations that NFA partners with. These include shelters, NGOs, animal welfare groups and beyond. Organisations like Fallen Angels, a group of women who venture into South Africa's poverty-stricken and lawless townships to treat, rescue and rehome street dogs.

“I am happy to share that there are now 350 dogs who find peace at the Fallen Angels shelter in the Western Cape. We care about them all and hope they get the forever loving homes they deserve,” said Barritt.

In a recent rescue effort in Hillview, Cape Town’s most dangerous suburb, NFA, with the help of its donations, partnered with another animal rescue group called TEARS. So dangerous was this mission that the first visits were cancelled as the security company refused to let it happen due to gangsters roaming the streets.

On the fourth attempt, and in 20 adrenaline-fueled minutes, victory was achieved as members from NFA and TEARS were able to pick up as many dogs that could fit in the truck they drove in on.

“We are willing to risk it all to save as many forgotten dogs as possible. We are proud of all of our efforts thanks to the donations we receive. Keep the donations coming and we keep saving lives. It’s that simple.”

In a clandestine operation on the other side of the world, NFA is using donations to take on the to provide local authorities with enough incriminating evidence to get these dog meat traders shut down.

Barritt explained that NFA has had considerable success in its fight against this barbaric trade. They have helped rescue more than 7,000 dogs with around 500 dog meat traders taken to court, fined, and even jailed.

“You will notice a pattern in our operations. We are not afraid,” said Barritt.

“We will do what needs to be done. That is where donations go and why even a small donation can make a huge difference. We are committed to our passion, and our passion is unbreakable.”


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