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This is the story of a mother’s love.

Melania is a street dog who lives in the port of Bar in Montenegro. Street dogs get no help from local authorities in Bar, there’s no animal shelter or veterinary care. So, when Melania fell pregnant she was on her own, surviving by scavenging in rubbish dumps and living on scraps.

She gave birth to 11 puppies in a storm drain under a main road. Then tragedy struck. While she was crossing the road, she was struck by a hit and run driver.

With her spine badly injured she crawled back to the drain and fed her puppies.

If she was going to die, she was determined that her puppies would live. She stayed in the storm drain getting weaker and thinner, but still feeding her 11 babies.

That’s when she was found by Zaio Perovic, one of a small band of volunteers who help street dogs in Bar. Zaio says that poor little Melania fought desperately to keep her puppies away from a man she thought was going to harm them.

She did everything her broken body could do to defend her babies.

Eventually, Zaio managed to rescue Melania and her babies and took them to his home. Part of Melania’s spine is broken, and she will never walk properly again but she still manages to stagger to her feet, so her babies can feed.

What a terrible and wonderful story. Terrible because no dog should go through what Melania suffered, wonderful because her bravery warms my heart.

Melania and her puppies need medical care, food and love. They have joined 15 other dogs in Zaio’s backyard where he will keep them until they are strong enough to survive. Perhaps if they are very lucky, they will find loving homes.


Zaio and a handful of other volunteers pay to help street dogs from their own pockets. Dogs like Camboj, another creature Zaio rescued. She has a terrible blood disease and awful mange. Network for Animals will help her. The local authorities do nothing.

I have promised to help provide medicines and veterinary care for street dogs in Bar and to look after Melania and her babies going forward. Please give generously to help me help dogs in terrible need in Bar.

For the animals,


P.S. It is almost beyond belief that a bustling town like Bar, a favourite tourist spot in summer, has no animal shelter. We are committed to changing this. But first we must ensure that Melania and her puppies, Camboj and the other dogs Zaio has rescued are provided nutritious food and the veterinary care they need. Please, donate what you can today to help us help these innocent dogs.


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