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Recently we told you about the disgraceful situation in Croatia where the City of Dubrovnik is waging a campaign against 300 dogs being cared for at the Zakovic Animal Shelter. All that stands between the dogs and death are a few brave women volunteers who defend the dogs day and night.


Now we want to tell you about the situation in the tiny neighboring country of Montenegro, a place where the official policy is to kill stray dogs after one month in a municipal pound. The Azil municipal pound that serves Kotor and Tivat, stands against this policy. Zoran Mrdak, the director, fights to preserve the lives of the 204 dogs there: “Because it is the right thing to do.” And he has the backing of the local people and his regional council.

If only more people were this enlightened.


The problem is that Montenegro is such a small country that homes cannot be found for the dogs that arrive weekly from the street, often starving and diseased and in need of care and rehabilitation. There are currently over 200 dogs in the shelter. Zoran and his small team, aided by volunteers, face enormous financial difficulties and are struggling to find the money to build more shelters for the dogs and improve the spartan living conditions. The kennels are overcrowded, dogs are often sick when they arrive and there is never enough money available to provide adequate, or appropriate food or veterinary care. They need your help.

Volunteers run a rehoming programme for the dogs and Network for Animals is proud to say that we are helping. On our first visit to the shelter we met a young Belgian couple who wanted to adopt a puppy but couldn’t afford the medical bills or transportations to Belgium. We stepped in and are paying all the costs. A small victory for the animals, but to those of us who love dogs, every victory counts.

· €25 buys enough food for two dogs for a month.
· €35 can sterilize one dog.
· €50 buys a share of a cosy new kennel.


Azil and its volunteers are trying desperately to raise awareness about the needs of dogs in the shelter, the need to control the stray dog population and the need for money for new kennel facilities. We have promised to help the dogs of Azil, because winter is coming fast and they need more enclosures that protect them from the wind and rain. As Zoran says: “It’s the right thing to do.”

He is doing the right thing and we must too. Please help us salute a man that refuses to kill dogs and instead does his best to save them. Please give generously to help us help dogs in distress, no matter where they are:


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