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In June, we shared with you the plight of Harare’s Friend Animal Foundation (FAF), the safe haven for neglected and abused animals in the impoverished African country of Zimbabwe.

The sanctuary – home to almost 500 dogs, as well as many cats, goats, donkeys and other needy animals – was facing imminent closure. You can read more about its plight here. The animals in its care would have been left destitute. With nowhere to go, no one to adopt them and no funds to support them, they’d ultimately have been put down.

But YOU came through for us!

We knew that our compassionate, animal-loving supporters would be as moved by the story as we were and that you’d want to do everything in your power to help save FAF.

Your response has blown us away! Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to deliver 4,134 pounds (1,875 kilograms) of desperately needed food to the dogs of FAF. We were also able to help provide food for the many other hungry and ill animals at the sanctuary.

A joyous delivery

When we arrived at FAF and tore open the first bag of food, the dogs went wild! With tails wagging and eyes wide as saucers, they dove in. One of the skinny little youngsters managed to nose her way into an open bag of food, going straight to the source.

It was an incredibly heartrending moment and one that was made possible entirely by the generosity and kindness of YOU, our supporters.

You made a dog’s day – or, should we say, almost 500 dogs’ days! Thank you for being a friend to the animals of Friend Animal Foundation. They are so grateful to you.


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