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Network for Animals works tirelessly for animals around the world.

The corona crisis dominated our work in April - never before have we received so many pleas for help from around the world. Here is a snapshot of some of the animals we helped...


It was, and remains, vital to get food to street dogs around the world. With factories and offices locked down and the people gone, these animals faced immediate hunger. We are stockpiling, financing and delivering food, and working with authorities to gain special permissions to visit and care for street dogs for humanitarian reasons.



In Greece, in an industrial area near Athens, street dogs faced immediate starvation because the factories where workers gave them food, had been locked down and the dogs were left without help. Ghost Dogs, our partners in Greece, reached out to us for urgent help and we are providing extra food and funds for emergency medical care.



In Turkey, we are working with authorities to end the terrible situation in the semi-rural area around Tepecik. Thousands of street dogs scavenge there over a very large area. As soon as Turkey announced a lockdown, we secured dog food supplies to last until the lockdown is over.



In the United Kingdom, we received an urgent plea from Bodmin’s HUGS Foundation to help rescue four abused ponies who had been abandoned and were going to be killed. We had just days to act and we succeeded. We provided £5,000 for the ponies’ rescue, food and medical care. They are all doing fine and will live their lives in peace.



In spite of the corona crisis lock down, we managed to rescue four horses from illegal bush racing where horses are raced on bad roads until they drop.



At the beginning of the year, we provided funding for the rescue and care of flying fox babies who had been orphaned in Australia’s devastating bush fires. So far, 150 of them have grown up and have been returned to the bush, and another 150 are well on the way to recovery. They are hungry little guys and work their way through 70 to 80 pounds of fruit a day.



Casper, the friendly one-eyed Greek street dog we helped rescue, has found a forever home and is recovering fast. He was dumped by his owners in a rundown area near Athens and left to fend for himself. The poor little thing was lost on the streets and quickly got sick. His new owners say he is the most lovable fellow, and that they were so moved by his tragic story that they joined our team of volunteers to help save other dogs.


All this, on top of the other work we currently do in countries around the world, is to help all kinds of animals, from cats to elephants. Our work never stops, and the need for help is always urgent. We do our best to respond, providing as much help as our supporters allow us to by making donations. We receive no assistance from any government.

What we do, we do because animals need us. And with your help, in this time of corona crisis, we aim to extend our crusade to help animals to more countries where animals desperately need emergency relief.

P.S. Please remember that your pets can't give you the coronavirus. Stay indoors and stay safe!


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