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Caption: NFA's Brian and Gloria Davies with NFA director Lesley Barritt and Richard Montalto from Noah's Ark in Malta.

Brian Davies, Network for Animals founder, recently visited Noah’s Ark, a privately funded dog shelter in Malta and immediately offered assistance. “Noah’s Ark is well run by dedicated staff who care for 90 street dogs,” he said. “They do a superb job and I have promised to support Noah’s Ark by providing medicines and dog food.”

Noah’s Ark was founded in 2004 and medically treat and sterilize every dog they find. Each dog is given a name, copious amounts of love and has a walk every day. It’s adoption plan manages to rehome between 50 and 60 dogs every year.

It can cost up to $450.00 to properly treat a single sick dog and money is always in short supply because the shelter relies exclusively on donations.

“Everywhere I go in the world in my crusade to help animals I meet people like Richard Montalto of Noah’s Ark, who have dedicated their lives to helping animals,” said Davies. “Money is a constant worry. These people are animal heroes and I am delighted that I have been able to help.”


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