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Our supporters will already know about Wounded Badger Patrols, and the vital work they carry out during the badger culls. NFA went to the cull zones last year, and saw just how tirelessly these volunteers work night after night. Without these boots on the ground, many more badgers would have lost their lives at the hands of Cameron's gunmen.

But things are about to get even more challenging. Last year, there were three cull zones. This year there could be as many as ten.

Thankfully, some of the key players in the existing Wounded Badger Patrols have decided to set up Badger Action Network (BAN).  One of these dedicated volunteers is Amanda Barrett, who says:


“The role of BAN will be to share information and expertise to Wounded Badger Patrollers in the new cull zones.  Our range of skills has increased exponentially during the culls in previous years so now we can quickly help others with the organisation and planning to set up patrols.  We hope lots more people come on-board - and fast.”


Thanks to BAN, those in the new cull zones will have experienced people to ask advice from, be it on the phone, online or in person. We expect culling to start in September, so training and recruitment for the patrols is vital if we are going to protect our badgers.

BAN is being funded thanks to you, our supporters. We asked for your help to enable BAN to get off the ground, and you responded. BAN will now be able to have a website up and running to provide vital information to new patrollers, as well as print out leaflets and information cards, and set up stalls to advertise the work they are doing to save our badgers. Thank you.

"We will let you know as soon as the BAN website is up and running", said Amanda. Hopefully your supporters over the many cull areas will join us in their hundreds to help save badgers!"

NFA will be helping out on Wounded Badger Patrols again this year. We are confident that we can rely on you, our generous and dedicated supporters to come out and join us.


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